Marley Adult Healthcare Reviews

The facility stands out for its compassionate and comprehensive approach to senior care. The staff, always attentive and kind, ensures that each resident receives personalized care, maintaining a balance between independence and support. This whole-person approach, focusing on both medical and mental health needs, is genuinely reassuring. The environment mirrors a comfortable home setting, with beautifully furnished and meticulously maintained spaces, offering a blend of luxury, safety, and ease. The array of social opportunities and the provision of delicious meals further contribute to an atmosphere where happiness and fulfillment are nurtured. Marley Adult Healthcare is more than just an assisted living facility; it's a community where seniors can thrive and families can find peace of mind.

My family's experience with Marley Adult Healthcare has been exceptionally positive. The transition into assisted living is often challenging, but the staff at Marley have made it a smooth and comforting process. They genuinely understand the emotional and practical aspects of this major life change, ensuring that each resident feels at home. The whole-person approach, addressing not just medical but also social and mental health needs, is particularly commendable. The facility itself offers a luxurious yet homely environment, with beautifully furnished rooms and spaces that are safe, clean, and easy to navigate. The staff are always available to provide care and support, making life at Marley Adult Healthcare a nurturing experience.

Having my parent at Marley Adult Healthcare has been a wonderful experience. The staff, particularly caring and attentive, understands the unique challenges faced by seniors and their families, making the transition to assisted living much smoother. The focus on holistic care, addressing both medical and mental health needs, truly stands out. I appreciate how they promote independence while ensuring safety and security, offering peace of mind for families like mine. The facility itself exudes a homely feel, with beautifully furnished rooms and communal spaces that are clean, safe, and easy to navigate. It's heartening to see residents engaging in various social activities, enjoying delicious meals, and living their lives to the fullest with the right support. Marley Adult Healthcare excels in providing a nurturing and fulfilling environment for its residents.

Lori RadcliffLori R

I cannot say enough good things about the Marley Adult Healthcare facility.  My mother spent over 2 years at the Marley home, until her passing in june, and was always treated with dignity, love and respect.  Costel always kept me informed and called whenever an issue arose.  He went out of his way many times to help us out .  The home is absolutely beautiful both inside and out  and always neat and clean.  If you're ever in need of assisted living, do not hesitate to choose the Marley Adult Healthcare home.  Your loved one will receive excellent care and attention.

Marley Adult Healthcare offers a nurturing and comfortable environment for seniors, making it a top choice for families seeking quality care for their loved ones. The staff's dedication to understanding and meeting residents' needs is commendable. They take a holistic approach, addressing not just medical, but also social and mental health needs. The facility's focus on maintaining independence while ensuring safety and security is particularly reassuring. Furthermore, the emphasis on creating a homely atmosphere with beautiful furnishings, clean and tidy spaces, and homey accommodations, combined with delicious meals and ample social opportunities, makes it an ideal place for seniors to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

August 15, 2021 we moved my mother into Marley Adult Healthcare, due to her dementia as a result of Alzheimer’s. She has been a challenge, at best. This disease is cruel and robs victims of so very much. Most days she does not know where she is and loses memory of who lives in the home. Her moods change constantly. During this most difficult time, the entire staff and owner have been beyond patient, caring and loving. Their professionalism, dedication and thoroughness is immeasurable to my family. The residence is beautiful and spotless. Costel has been extremely diligent regarding notifying myself and or outside medical staff of any concerns and changes. My mother has been treated with the utmost respect and kind consideration her entire stay. I will always be eternally grateful to everyone at Marley Adult Healthcare.

If you need a care home and Marley Adult Healthcare has a room available, take it! You will not find a more lovely care home anywhere. I was referred to Marley Adult Healthcare for my mother. The first time I met Costel, Shea and their Staff, my mother and I were welcomed as if we were family. Everyone is so warm, kind and welcoming. The home itself is spacious, clean, and has lots of windows to keep the rooms bright and cheerful. The beds are made, the bathrooms clean. All residents are dressed every day, their hair is combed and they are always clean. Most of all, the residents are loved. By the time my mother passed, she was unable to care for herself at all, she could not even stand up. But no matter how much work she became, Marley took care of her in extraordinary fashion, both physically and mentally. We had no family in Arizona but my mother refused to leave the state so Marley became her family. They helped her with the phone when I called, I received pictures via text, they would help mom FaceTime with me if I chose. I could see even from a distance that she was happier at Marley than she had been for two years in her apartment. The staff at Marley loved her and were there for her when I couldn’t be. I can never thank them enough for the wonderful care and love they gave to my mom. I would without any doubt recommend you to Marley Adult Healthcare. My mom and I both will be forever grateful to them. Patty McGarry

During my career in Hospice I have had the pleasure of working with Marley’s management and caregivers. What I appreciate most is the exceptional quality of care and respect for their residents. This home is one that I I’m confident recommending and have zero doubt that residents will be well cared for. The home is absolutely gorgeous but most importantly the care is amazing. Theresa San Diego Community Relations Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Marley Adult Care with several patients. This group home goes above and beyond to care for their residents and their families. The group home owner stays in contact with families, so they always feel involved regardless of how often they are able to visit. Residents are treated like family by all of the group home caregivers. Over my time working in hospice, I have been in many group homes. This is by far my favorite to work with, and I would recommend them to care for my own family if the need arose. The home is beautiful and the care is exceptional! I highly recommend this group home! They truly care for their residents and go above and beyond to meet their needs.

This is an assisted living facility my aunt has been living for the last 2 years. The care that she is receiving here is outstanding, we are very happy. After living there a few months, we noticed she was happier, her health improved, and glow returned to her face. I would highly recommend this assisted living facility to anybody that is looking for a place for their loved one. This place is beautiful, very bright and clean with nice private rooms. They offer great home cooked meals. They have everything your loved one needs to have great quality of life. The caregivers are very professional with all the activities they plan and how they interact with all the residents. You need to check this place out, you will not be disappointed.

Marley Adult Healthcare is an excellent care home for your families need. My mom lived in that care home for over a year until she passed away. She was always clean and happy . A very caring environment. If you are looking for excellent care I highly recommend this place.

Marley Adult Healthcare is a wonderful assisted living facility. My father lived there for almost 2 years. He received outstanding care from the caregivers and the owners. They became a part of our family as someone in our family was there almost everyday and we were always greeted with smiles and professionalism. It is a lovely home facility that has beautiful, clean, private rooms. They offer great care, home cooked meals, activities, and a walking path out back. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for an assisted living place for their loved one. They provide everything your loved one needs to have a wonderful quality of life. Please check them out, you will be very happy you did.